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September 06 2017

Local Information

Millionaire Investment in Argentinean Ports/Terminals


               We inform you the following:

Terminal 6, LDC, AGD, Molinos Agro and TPR are "putting all their eggs in the Rosario / San Lorenzo ports basket" where 80% of Argentinean agriproducts depart from. They consider that investment will expedite the way out Argentinean products.

The Farm Production Zero Tax policy, instated by National Government, helped to stimulate the investments in the area.

As per official announcements, five mentioned companies invested over U$S 1 Billion to improve and facilitate the logistics processes.

"Terminal 6 is building a new barges pier, and AGD invests U$S 200 Millions in a new berth at Timbúes.

Also in Timbúes, Renova is putting U$S 450 Millions to increase their production capacity in a 50%", pointed out the Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich.

He also highlighted "the U$S 65 Millions invested by Molinos Agro, which generate 1.100 jobs, as well as TPR's performance that duplicated the container movement in 2016, compared with 2015, and, during this year, increased another 30%"