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We have passion for shipping and we are proud to deliver the following services to our clients

It’s a Chrysan’s tradition that has led to new concepts like our door-to-deck delivery service for ship spares, and our innovative operations for efficient port call management.

Over the years Chrysan S.A. has been a pioneer Shipping Agency in many promising new markets. Today, we’re working closely with leading companies around the globe.

And in our efforts to provide seamless global service around the clock, we’ve been quick to offer our principals innovative new systems - like access to our operative system, our online application for 24/7 port call management.

As for the future, you can count on Chrysan for the long run. As an independently owned company managed by shipping professionals, our sole objective is to look after our principals’ interests, in a growing trusting cooperation. 

Saving you time and money

Our experience and expertise to control and reduce port call related expenses, has become our signature over the years.

Key services include:
    • Port disbursement account (D/A) checking, negotiation and validation
    • Online access to live and archived Port D/A data, SOF and cargo details
    • Immediate statistical / KPI reporting
    • Centralized accounting / billing
    • Controlling bank transfer and currency exchange rate charges
    • Operational support from our personnel
    • Documentation storage